Safety Guys® offers insightful, external consulting services to remain proactive in protecting your jobsite, and hence your bottom line!



At Safety Guys, we know how to create a safety program tailored to your company and culture. Our experienced Safety Professionals will ensure that it works for you.

Training programs & documentation are the #1 most important way of protecting your business from accidents, citations, or other surprises.

Creating, implementing and enforcing a solid safety program is crucial to ensure your business is properly protected and prepared for any outcome. Don’t wait for lightning to strike! Be proactive and protect your employees, your project, and your bottom line.


We offer both Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive Jobsite Audits, Site-Specific services and Corporate Audits.

We are pleased to work with your team to tailor our programs to meet your specific needs. We are here to assist you in identifying and preventing hazardous exposures on your jobsites, acting as an independent set of eyes to help you protect your bottom line.

No matter how efficient you believe your team is, OSHA consistently finds costly exposures. Let Safety Guys help you build a proactive program that saves both money and lives.

We can strengthen even the most rigid of safety programs.


We provide a comprehensive jobsite inspection including identification of OSHA violations, supporting pictures, recommendations for remedy. We are also happy to incorporate any existing internal company procedures that currently exist in your program.

We are here to assist your safety and project team while we inspect for safety hazards and exposures. As a proven safety subcontractor, Safety Guys also has the experience and resources to offer immediate onsite corrective actions.

As an added benefit, Safety Guys is a full-service safety company!  Safety Guys can quickly and effectively offer immediate assistance to remedy findings with our experienced team of safety carpenters and foremen in the field.

Because of Safety Guys core safety expertise in designing, installing and maintaining jobsite safety, rest assured, Safety Guys will competently remedy all hazardous issues identified in its audit inspection report.

Our full time, trained crews are readily available to assist you.

Inspections are done thoroughly with professionalism and courtesy for jobsite confidentiality.

Contact us or call us today and allow Safety Guys to assist your team in creating or implementing a safety program specifically tailored to your organization’s needs.

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